Star Cross #1

Dec 17, 2021
Since his last award on September 26, Vakai has demonstrated an extraordinary amount of activity in a little under three months. His activity has been spread across all of the fleet's offerings, including competitions, solo writing, group writing, and gaming. This consistent, varied activity continues to make him one of the fleets more active members. Following the fleet action, he entered in and placed in four competitions, earning three Action Medals with Galaxy Clusters and a single Action Medal with Planet Cluster, which is pretty remarkable. He earned a duty ribbon for his contributions of the Europa, and 128 service ribbons representing 32,000 words of fiction on the Centaur, which marks him as among our most prolific authors! During this time period, he also earned 38 Combat Action Ribbons for group experiences in Star Trek: Online, which is both an impressive number of ribbons and an indication that he plays well with others, literally. Such social interactions are at the core of our club's goals and represent not just one person's activity but a way of engagement that enriches the experience for others as well. For this tremendous amount of activity, I am pleased to nominate Vakai for the Star Cross.