Star for Distinguished Service #1

Sep 28, 2021
Bravo Fleet’s finest trumpeter was back out in force again during the Echoes of the Tkon Fleet action. Blazing a trail with his competition participation, he was responsible for a good amount of points that made up Task Force 86’s overall score. Andrew has also been getting himself into the Star Trek Online side of things, too, proving himself to be a versatile man of many hats. Perhaps most significantly, Andrew has gone all out to assist TF86 by participating in nine total competitions across the Fleet Action event. This has earned him nine Challenge Coins as a result. Andrew also continues to drop strong, suspenseful fiction updates with the adventures of the USS Solstice. This has earned him 36 service ribbons in total since his last promotion on the 22nd June, 2021. He should definitely be duly credited for this formidable literary achievement. Three Strategic Action Ribbons have also been awarded to this master of the brass for his efforts in Star Trek Online. A commendable achievement, making me very happy that TF86 is maintaining its presence in the gaming sphere. Such an upbeat and cheery character is always welcome on Discord, particularly in our lounge, where Andrew continues to boost morale with his chipper banter and rapier wit. Well done Andrew, thanks for your contributions during the Fleet Action, and congratulations on the Star for Distinguished Service!