Star Cross #1

Sep 28, 2021
Ed is a highly respected member of our community and cares a great deal about Task Force 86. This has been his home within Bravo Fleet since days of yore, and I believe he has also served as Task Force Commanding Officer back then, too. It’s no surprise then, that Ed has rolled up his sleeves and got to work helping TF86 earn some more points in the Fleet Action. Over the course of the Echoes of the Tkon Fleet Action, Ed entered no less than thirteen separate competitions. This was a tremendous effort, crucial in garnering the Task Force more of those much needed points. Of these competitions, Ed earned himself one Starfleet Bronze Star, which was another much appreciated boost. It should also be noted here that Ed was a recipient of the Starfleet Medal of Commendation in August, awarded for his long standing dedication to and participation in all things Bravo Fleet. I’d like to take the time here to thank Ed for having the persistence and elbow grease needed to have been doing this for as long as he has. I have yet to even mention that this is, in fact, the second time he has been awarded this medal, as if further proof was needed that ‘quitting’ is not a word this person understands. We are very lucky to have a few people in Task Force 86 who have seen Bravo Fleet grow and change throughout its various iterations. They are a goldmine of experience and great consultants for dealing with things as a Task Force CO. So, Ed, as you’ve said to us a few times in the past, “we appreciate you”! Congratulations on your well earned Star Cross.