Star for Distinguished Service #1

Sep 28, 2021
Dave has definitely done his part for TF86 over the course of the Echoes of the Tkon Fleet Action. He has been responsible for a steady stream of fiction writing that has been both a vital contribution to the TF point tally, and a great read! During the Fleet Action, Dave participated in three competitions and earned three Challenge Coins as a result. From these competitions, he impressively received one Starfleet Gold Star and one Starfleet Silver Star. He has also generated a good few Service Ribbons; 32 in total! Aside from the Echoes of the Tkon, Dave has really shone as the GM of the USS Cygnus. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to run an RPG for as long as Dave has, and he has shown himself to be extremely adept at keeping the action on the Cygnus ticking along. For his efforts in this capacity, Dave has earned six Duty Ribbons since his last promotion in May! Dave has been honoured for his great dedication to Task Force 86 and Bravo Fleet before. In August, he was a recipient of the Starfleet Medal of Commendation. This was the second time he has received this award, which I feel goes a long way in showing just how much Dave cares for what he does here around the fleet. As my predecessor as Task Force 86 Commanding Officer, I have a lot to thank Dave for. He certainly helped to mould the TF into what it is today, and I was lucky to take over a well functioning unit full of activity in no small part thanks to him. So, Dave, I hope you enjoy this Star for Distinguished Service and I look forward to reading more of your tales!