Jonathan Archer Order of Merit #1

Sep 26, 2021
DarthCrusader has made a huge impact on Task Force 86 over the whole course of the Echoes of the Tkon Fleet Action. Showing real dedication to his role as Task Force Executive Officer, he has made sure to lead from the front, effectively motivating all members of Task Force 86 in their writing and competition entries. For his competitive efforts, he earned TF86 no less than 18 Challenge Coins and brought home the bacon with 3 Gold Stars and 1 Bronze Star. On top of this, Darth has been able to fly the TF86 flag high in Star Trek Online, giving us an all round presence in both writing and gaming arenas. 54 Strategic Action Ribbons and 50 Combat Action Ribbons speak to Darth’s tenaciousness in putting our task force on the Star Trek Online map. This is in addition to his responsibilities as Deputy Gaming Officer, which add an entirely new dimension to the value Darth adds to not only TF86, but the fleet as a whole. I’ve had the pleasure of writing together with Darth for three instalments of the Task Force 86 mission, “The Azure Blockade”. It’s not always easy writing a coherent story, making compromises and blending your writing in with another creative vision. Darth has shown that he’s got what it takes to tangle with the lore and thread it into a high stakes tale of stress, tension and space whales. For his writing efforts, Darth has earned 10 Service Ribbons for individual fictions and 2 Duty Ribbons for jointly writing the “The Azure Blockade”. Oh, and during all this he has also found the time to clock up 5 Duty Ribbons for game posts on the USS Minerva and USS Altai.  It was a blast writing with you Darth, and I’m sure we have many more tales to tell! It’s a pleasure to nominate you for the Jonathan Archer Order of Merit for the excellence you’ve displayed in your duties as Task Force Executive Officer and Deputy Gaming Officer. And now, some words from the Bravo Fleet Gaming Officer, the Flying Gremlin himself:
Darth has been a constant asset in the Gaming Office. He spearheaded quite a few initiatives - running a gaming survey, participating in gaming competitions in the FA, and even running a few competitions of his own. He's always willing to help and make sure that people have answers in builds and content hints. He very much deserves this award, and congratulations for getting it.