Jonathan Archer Order of Merit #1

Sep 26, 2021

Azras Dex wrote

Bri might be quiet but that sure doesn’t stop him from participating, during his time as TFXO, Bri helped encourage members to participate as well as setting an example with his own activity during the recent Fleet Action. Having participated in 32 competitions throughout all three phases he earned 32 challenge coins to go with it. Over the course of those three phases, he has earned 4 Starfleet Gold Stars, 3 Starfleet Silver Stars, and 6 Starfleet Bronze Stars. That’s not all during the Fleet Action Bri earned 34 Service Ribbons which is about 8,500 words. Gaming is no different, he earned 40 Strategic Action Ribbons, 13 Combat Action Ribbons, and 1 Campaign Ribbon for his participation in STO. Besides the activity from the Fleet Action before that, he had participated in 9 competitions that have been offered placing in a total of 8 of the 9 competitions. He earned 5 Galaxy Clusters, 3 Star Clusters, and 4 Planet Clusters. To top that all off he was awarded the Starfleet Medal of Commendation that is awarded on Gene Roddenberry’s birthday for his continued dedication. So because of this, I am nominating BriWhyte for the Jonathan Archer Order of Merit!