Rachel Garrett Order of Heroism #1

Sep 23, 2021
As his former Task Force Commanding Officer, it is my pleasure to nominate McGig to become the second receipt of the Rachel Garrett Order of Heroism. McGig's recent performance in the Fleet Action has shown to our entire organisation what incredible things can be achieved by our leaders during a Fleet Wide event. The impact of McGig's work in Task Force 17, was without a doubt huge as it was one of the many factors that led to Task Force 17 being crowned the champions!

This was not a solo mission for him, instead along every step of the way he encouraged, empowered and rallied the troops in Task Force 17 to ensure the task force was victorious. McGig was often found motivating TF17'ers in its lounge and in direct messages by checking in with them regularly, getting them to send their entries in or engaging in discussions about the various competitions on offer. This resulted in others having a 'go' and getting their submissions in on time! McGig's leadership in Bravo Fleet has certainly grown in the past several weeks, which resulted in him being promoted to captain halfway through the event and at the end becoming my successor as Task Force 17 Commanding Officer. Without a doubt, he has set the bar high of what it means to encourage others to remain as active members of Bravo Fleet and participate in the fun.

McGig should also be proud for his accomplishments in the Fleet Action as each one of them show how dedicated he was to ensuring that he set an outstanding example to everyone else. McGig took third place for individuals overall, so how did he do it all?

First off, his competition entries. Anyone who knows McGig will know he loves his puzzles and without a doubt he didn't let the side down when new competitions were released and he was in there like a shot with his entries! Entering 30 competitions which resulted in him being rewarded with 30 challenge coins were complimented with the impressive result of him placing in the top 3 of 18 competitions (that's more than half of what he entered). 7 Gold Stars, 7 Silver Stars and 4 Bronze Stars! He out did everyone, even that guy who got 1st place overall!

Then comes to the delights of his fiction writing, an impressive 31 service ribbons that covered not only the adventures of the USS Atlantis in the deepest depths of the Delta Quadrant as they dealt with the Borg, Vaudwaar and numerous other threats but also the fun loving rogues on the SS Vondem Rose. But McGig did not just stop there, he came 2nd overall in the Service Ribbon race in the Fleet Action and took 3rd place in the Wiki Reconnaissance competition. His creative flare once again has inspired others to write similar great pieces, keeping to Task Force 17's theme as being deep space explorers and exploring the unknown!

May his time as Task Force 17's new commanding officer be long and successful. Well done McGig and thank you for all of your contributions to our amazing Star Trek fan club!