Medal of Achievement #1

Sep 23, 2021
It was so great to see Articblast get involve for the Fleet Action and to support Task Force 17 in its hour of need to secure first place. We were so thankful for Arctic’s contributions, as it truly does show that however small or large someone’s support it, it can make a difference during our HUGE fleet-wide events. Whatever someone can do to help out their task force can go a long way. As they say, points means prizes and the more points the better!

Arctic supported Task Force 17 during Phase 1 and Phase 2 by entering two competitions, thus gaining two challenge coins. So for his effort, I would like to nominate Arcticblast for the Medal of Achievement.

We really hope that Arctic will continue to be around in our community and we hope that by nominating him for this award, we can show our appreciation for his support and activity during the Fleet Action. Thanks Arctic!