Legion of Merit #1

Sep 22, 2021
In the recent Echos of the Tkon fleet action, Borden was an essential part of Task Force 72’s overall contribution. As a participant he was our strongest individual contributor. With 21 Challenge Coins, 1 Duty Ribbon, 2 Bronze Stars, a Silver Star, AND a Gold Star win. Additionally, he was our second Battlefield Promotion and competed in another three competitions after that!

As usual, Borden went above and beyond. Entering the Fleet Action as a TGCO, he was a prime cheerleader and example maker to the remainder of the Unit. Drumming up attention and support daily to get more contributions and excitement. Additionally, he was elevated after the second phase to Task Force Executive Officer and finished the FA strong supporting me in working to reach out to those who had yet to participate.

For actions as an individual and as a leader, I am proud to nominate Borden for the Legion of Merit!