Star Cross #1

Sep 21, 2021
Following his last award on July 18th, Commander Mendoza was a strong participant in the Echoes of the Tkon Fleet Action, earning recognition for himself and his task force. For 17 entries across the event in all three phases, Mendoza earned 17 challenge coins, winning one of these competitions to also earn the Starfleet Gold Star. These personal contributions also earned points for his task force and served as an example for other members to look to.

In addition to his personal activity, Mendoza's contributions as a TFCO deserve recognition, especially in the context of the fleet action. Task Force 72 had several members who were in the Top 10 overall participants and who placed in a wide variety of competitions, thanks in no small part to Mendoza's encouragement.

For these achievements, I am pleased to nominate Commander Micah Mendoza for the Star Cross!