Rachel Garrett Order of Heroism #1

Sep 20, 2021
Fleet Actions can only be successful if Task Force staff marshal their members and encourage as many submissions as possible. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by example. During the Echoes of the Tkon Fleet Action, Fleet Captain Azras Dex earned 28 Challenge Coins, signifying participation in 28 competitions, meaning that she entered nearly every competition that was offered. Across these competitions, she earned four Starfleet Gold Star and one Starfleet Bronze Star, and as part of her contributions to the final phase of the event following her battlefield promotion to Fleet Captain, she also earned 93 Service Ribbons and 5 Strategic Action Ribbons.

Beyond the way her personal score impacted the success of her task force in achieving a commendable second place overall, her personal activity encouraged her members to follow in her footsteps. Indeed, Task Force 93 had the highest number of individual participants in the event overall. Fleet Captain Dex's leadership during this event is continued evidence of her dedication to Bravo Fleet and her unit. In recognition of this achievement, I am pleased to nominate Fleet Captain Azras Dex for the Rachel Garrett Order of Heroism, for "work [reaching] levels of exceptional value" as a TFCO.