Legion of Merit #1

Jun 27, 2021

Since I stepped into the role of Chief of Staff and well before that, Arden has been there as the Staff Officer in charge of competitions. In that role and his general staff-ness in OCS, since his last promotion, Arden has personally overseen the facilitation of 61 competitions from beginning to end. As the SO for competitions, he has been in charge of the standardization of competitions, answering any questions that competition runners may have, executing any administration on competitions, and ensuring that they’re graded in a timely fashion. With him in that role, Bravo Fleet has had a huge upswell of competitions ran by non-staff throughout the fleet. Additionally, Arden is constantly engaging with the other OCS staff on not only competition matters but also all other OCS-related matters. Arden is one of the cogs in the OCS machine that keeps it going, and while OCS is typically a thankless administrative job, I’m happy to award Arden with this Legion of Merit for all that he has done over the past months to keep that portion of OCS running seamlessly!