Meritorious Service Cross #1

May 21, 2021

Since arriving in Task Force 93, JShepard has by any other words been a very active member. There isn’t much that he doesn’t participate in, though writing seems to be one of his strong points gathering 30 Service Ribbons which equals out to be 7,500 words written on the forums. While that is not the only platform for writing, he has also received 3 Duty Ribbons for his posts aboard the USS Altai.

Though there are other means of participation, he does not shy away from participating in competitions that are going on within the fleet. While participating in 8 competitions he has placed in 4 consisting of 1 Galaxy Cluster, 1 Star Cluster, and 2 Planet Clusters. While participating in competitions is great, he has also hosted a competition of his own for the Task Force.

While writing and entering competitions are great, he has also stepped up into the Task Force staff and became the TGCO of TG44, assisting our members with questions or just being an encouragement to our members. It is the active members that can encourage others to get involved.

For this, I am pleased to nominate JShepard for the Meritorious Service Cross!

— Captain Azras Dex, TF93 Commanding Officer