Star for Distinguished Service #1

May 18, 2021

Bri.whyte has been a very active member of TF93 and Bravo Fleet as a whole, participating in a wide range of activities we offer here in Bravo Fleet. Bri has participated in online gameplay in Star Trek Online, while he participated with other members of the fleet he earned 10 Combat Action Ribbons and 90 Strategic Action Ribbons for playing solo. On top of that, he has received 13 Service Ribbons for fiction writing on the forums, which equals 3,250 words with 1,565 words written for the Archanis Campaign.

Competitions are another activity that Bri doesn’t shy away from, entering in 19 competitions earning himself 9 Action Medals ranging from Galaxy, Star, and Planet Clusters for getting 1st in the TF72 Reimagined Word Search, 2nd in the TF86 Slidey Puzzle, and 3rd in the TF86 Polarity Switch competitions among others. Bri has also assisted with judging a set of competitions hosted by TF93, he has also organized one of his own.

Because of the level of contributions over the past four months, I am pleased to nominating Bri the Star for Distinguished Service

— Captain Azras Dex, TF93 Commanding Officer