Star Cross #1

May 10, 2021

The mechanisms of the fleet would not be able to function without reliable, dedicated staffers. Shelley is the epitome of a Task Force Commanding Officer who ensures that her unit works like clockwork, and she has personally submitted hundreds of ribbons, medals, and promotions in the five months since her last award. Task Force 93 is a vibrant corner of the fleet, and she should be commended for her work to make this possible. As TF93 Commanding Officer, Leah organized 10 fleet-wide competitions on behalf of her task force, which gave many members the ability to engage with the fleet and which garnered over a hundred total submissions.

In terms of her own activity, Shelley is also one of our most active members, having earned 18 Duty Ribbons for posts on RPGs, 50 Service Ribbons for 12,500 words of fiction, 60 Combat Action Ribbons for online play in Star Trek: Online completed with other members, 9 Strategic Action Ribbons for solo play in Star Trek: Online, and 2 Campaign Ribbons for major gaming achievements in Star Trek Online. She also entered six competitions and earned three Action Medals, one each with a Galaxy, Star, and Planet Cluster for placing First in the Task Force 72 Reloaded Puzzle, Second in the Winter 2020 STO Competition, and 3rd in the Klingon Recruitment Event. This represents an outstanding breadth of activity, as she participates in every aspect of the fleet, which is exactly the model we hope that unit leaders are able to set for their members.

Shelley has also been a great participant in unit-level initiatives, specifically Gaming Office events (which she has placed in twice, as noted above) and the Archanis Campaign presented by the Lore Office. For the Archanis Campaign, Shelley wrote 10,955 words, which included both personal contributions aboard the Vesta, and official releases from Task Force 93. Participation in department-sponsored events and campaigns is another area in which unit leaders can serve as models, and Shelley has shown what it looks like to be a highly active member.

Finally, Shelley has also contributed to the Operations Office by helping out with a number of skins for pre-made Nova sites, and that help is greatly appreciated.

For all of these contributions over the past four months, I am pleased to nominate Shelley for the Star Cross.

–RADM Aubrey Seagraves, Bravo Fleet Operations Officer.