Star Cross #1

May 09, 2021

Since his last promotion in February, Darth’s activity has continued to grow in every sense across the Bravo Fleet community. He is fully involved not only on our Discord channels but in nearly every other area of the fleet. With competitions he has entered into 10, placing in 7, earning him 1 Action Medal with Galaxy Cluster, 2 Action Medals with Star Clusters, and 4 Action Medals with Planet Clusters! He has been extensively writing fiction, as seen in the recent Archanis Campaign earning him the Archanis Campaign Badge, with 58 Service Ribbons to his name since his last promotion, and an additional 4 Duty Ribbons for his writing on roleplay groups! And of course he has been heavily involved in our gaming section, earning a whopping 53 Strategic Ribbons and 28 Combat Action Ribbons!

Darth is a great role model to many in BF, especially our newcomers, even bringing in a new member earning him a Starfleet Readiness Medal! He certainly deserves this award for his ongoing efforts and excitement about being in our group. Thanks Darth for everything you get involved with!