Jonathan Archer Order of Merit #2

Apr 04, 2022
It’s great to nominate someone for the Jonathan Archer Medal of Merit and without a doubt Captain Alexandra Sudari-Kravchik (aka McGig) has shown consistent and long-term strong leadership in his role as Task Force 17’s Commanding Officer since his last award.

Becoming our second recipient to receive this medal twice, I am pleased to recommend McGig for this work in showing our members how important it is to show a great sense of variety in activity within Bravo Fleet. To start off, we all know that McGig loves a good puzzle and this comes to no-one’s surprise that since his last award in December 2021 he has participated in 13 competitions while placing in 12 of them (winning 2 Action Medals with Galaxy Clusters, 4 Action Medals with Star Clusters, 5 Action Medals with Planet Cluster and 1 Action Medal with Moon Cluster)! Not only has he participated in competitions, he has also organised and judged 2 competitions during our recent campaign.

Talking about the Stormbreaker Campaign, who could forget the impressive amount of writing he wrote before, during and now after?! 257 service ribbons in total gives 64,250 words created in just over four months giving us the latest and enjoyable exploits of the crew of the USS Atlantis and those lovable rogues on the SS Vondem Rose.

Along with all of this, McGig continues to encourage those in his task force to participate in the vast amount of activity that happens in Bravo Fleet, from competitions to campaigns, his gentle reminders have gone a long way in getting the Task Force 17 members to be involved. Well done McGig!

Jonathan Archer Order of Merit #1

May 09, 2021

From the Office of Task Force 17 Commanding Officer:

McGig has shown above what is expected in regards to activity across Bravo Fleet since his promotion to Commander in February 2021. Not only has he carried on with his activity as Task Force Executive Officer but he has racked up an impressive 164 service ribbons (that’s over 41,100 words written – most of this in the recent Archanis Campaign and through the exploits of the USS Atlantis) but was also given the Archanis Campaign Badge for his impressive involvement in so many storylines! His activity on some of our games have given him 8 duty ribbons and this is complimented by how much he has been involved in a majority of competitions in 2021 where he has placed in the top 3 in 4 competitions.

There have been a few times since his promotion that he has had to step into my shoes to run the Task Force while I was unable to be around, he kept on top of our members activity and the handover on my return was extremely smooth. As such he rightly deserves this recognition for his activity sustained over a long period of time.

From the Office of the Loremaster:

Since joining the Lore Office as Wiki Admin, McGig has been an essential member of staff. The redevelopment of the Fleet Wiki could not have gone ahead as smoothly without his contributions to its infrastructure and organization: building templates, ordering categories and testing layout designs, as well as adding to wiki content. His speed and helpfulness cannot be overstated; as needs arose, McGig jumped to meet them. He has also served a useful member of the Lore Office in listening to ideas, making suggestions, and supporting the back-end of the department. Many of his tasks seem minor and administrative, but they have been essential to the smooth running of the wiki, and are thus particularly worthy of recognition – as well as my thanks as Loremaster.