Meritorious Service Cross #1

Apr 27, 2021

Since his promotion in January, Kitahashi has participated in 12 competitions around the fleet, earning an Action Medal with Planet Cluster in the process. Participating as much as possible is a great way of making sure our competitions remain lively and vibrant. Kitahashi has also organized 2 competitions of his own, a puzzle competition and a word search, which received 22 entries, thus allowing many other members to also have a chance to participate. Kitahashi is also a regular contributor to many discussions on the Bravo Fleet Discord server, as evidenced by him reaching Level 15; this participation helps keep our community engaged and energized. Also since he was last recognized, Kitahashi stepped up to become the Task Force 72 Executive Officer, a position which has held for over four months now. As TFXO, Kitahashi has helped with activity recording and promoting task force-level events, while also contributing to discussions within Bravo Fleet Command. For these actions, I am pleased to nominate Kitahashi for the Meritorious Service Cross.

–RADM Thomas Belvedere, Task Force 72 Commanding Officer