Silver Palm #1

Apr 27, 2021

Since his last promotion, VividShado has earned 63 Service Ribbons, which represent nearly 16,000 words of fiction posted to Relay Station Bravo, concerning the adventures of his ship and main character. This is an impressive amount of fiction, and during the same time, he has also earned 2 Duty Ribbons for posts on the Hippocrates, where he also serves as the Assistant Game Manager. This amount of writing is laudable. VividShado also competed in 5 competitions and earned an Action Medal with Planet Cluster for one of them, showing that he participates in a wide variety of activities within the fleet. Indeed, as a frequent contributor to discussions on our Discord, he has also reached Level 15 there. For outstanding activity since January, I’m pleased to nominate VividShado for the Silver Palm.

–RADM Thomas Belvedere, Task Force 72 Commanding Officer