Meritorious Service Cross #1

Apr 06, 2021

Aelle has been a long-standing and active member of Bravo Fleet, having earned 19 Service Ribbons and 2 Duty Ribbons since his last promotion in April of 2020. In addition, he was one of the recipients of the annual Starfleet Medals of Commendation back in August. Where Aelle shines is participating in our fleet-wide events, first earning two Raptor’s Wings challenge coins last summer, and then amassing the aforementioned 19 service ribbons during the current Archanis campaign. Participating in these large events enriches the experience for the whole fleet, and Aelle has also been an active participant in the discussions surrounding both events on Discord, where he has reached Level 15. In addition to this activity, Aelle was a member of the Canon Technology Team, where he contributed to many discussions and authored the revised write-up of the <i>New Orleans</i>-class starship. For these contributions to the fleet, I am pleased to nominate Aelle for the Meritorious Service Cross.

–RADM Thomas Belvedere, Task Force 72 Commanding Officer