Christopher Pike Medal of Valor

Recipients of the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor have demonstrated their value to the whole Fleet through extreme dedication to one or more specific aspects of the organization. This can include service as a member of the Admiralty, or service on a major Fleet project. It is often awarded to those who have shown themselves to truly bring something new to their given position. However, their actions are not to be solely consigned to their specific Task Force, but instead, must show that they have had an impact outside of their respective work. One who receives this medal will be known to the Fleet at large, their impressive array of work standing the test of time.

Jan 02, 2021


David has been one of the most active members of the BFA since the relaunch of Bravo Fleet in April 2020 as evidenced by his recent Star for Distinguished Service. On top of his general activity, David also has been active in staff roles during that time as TF38CO for a short while until shifting over to TF9CO where he built the task force from the ground up, creating canon and driving activity for it during that time. While still TF9CO, David also proposed the idea of what is now the Bravo Fleet Operations Officer, a position he has held since. The position, and David’s tenure in it, have been wildly successful and since then he has helped to streamline many more of our activities including recently moving all games over into the Fleet Operations center and helping each task force staff to create, organize, and deploy “task force weeks” of competition events the past few months.

For all of his hard work, I’m happy to award him with a Christopher Pike Medal of Valor!

— FAdm Teylas Ramar, BFCO