Christopher Pike Medal of Valor #1

Dec 14, 2020

In the time since the launch of our new model on April 25th, MJ has racked up an absolutely astonishing 57 Legions of Honor and 309 Service Ribbons, while also placing in 10 competitions. To put 357 Service Ribbons in perspective, that’s 89,250 words of fiction, which is longer than Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (74,800 words) and half a dozen other science fiction classics! His 57 posts alone would be impressive, but he has amassed those while running two of the most active games in the fleet, which in turn allows other members to stay active and strengthens our community immensely.

Besides his personal activity, MJ has been coordinating our non-canon and historical games since June 1st, first in the Lore Office and now as a Staff Officer in Operations. His service there has been essential in keeping our offerings in those genres going, and he has helped establish new games as well as maintained existing ones. As a former BFCO, he would be well deserved in seeking a little rest, or at least keeping to his own corner of the fleet, but MJ has instead been very generous with his time and energy, alongside being one of the most prolific writers in Bravo Fleet.

Because of MJ’s sustained and astonishing levels of activity since April and because of his service to the fleet as SO: Non-Canon and Historical Games, I am pleased to nominate him for the highest award a Department Head can: the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor.

–RADM Aubrey Seagraves, Bravo Fleet Operations Officer