Silver Palm #1

Oct 27, 2020

McGig is one of our members who excels across a number of different areas in the fleet, entering many of our competitions (placing 5 times this Fall), as well as accumulating an impressive 41 ribbons for writing since his last promotion, but on top of that he is a consistently active presence on Discord and greatly enhances the communities of the games that he is a part of, volunteering to lead plots and handle things like keeping up with databases. Indeed, he has demonstrated this most recently by stepping up into the TFXO role in Task Force 38, a willingness that comes from an above-average commitment to Bravo Fleet and kindness towards others that is very easy to see. On a personal note, I will say that his presence has been in large part what has kept my own game as one of the largest and most active in the fleet, which in turn has helped others stay active and engaged, and this has been invaluable when I have been focused on my BFA work. For going above and beyond the call to duty through sustained and positive engagement, I nominate McGig for the Silver Palm.

–RADM Aubrey Seagraves, Bravo Fleet Operations Officer