Christopher Pike Medal of Valor

Recipients of the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor have demonstrated their value to the whole Fleet through extreme dedication to one or more specific aspects of the organization. This can include service as a member of the Admiralty, or service on a major Fleet project. It is often awarded to those who have shown themselves to truly bring something new to their given position. However, their actions are not to be solely consigned to their specific Task Force, but instead, must show that they have had an impact outside of their respective work. One who receives this medal will be known to the Fleet at large, their impressive array of work standing the test of time.

Oct 27, 2020


Shelley is arguably one of the Fleet’s most ardent supporters. She gives 110% to all that she has volunteered or been asked to do. In her time as the CA for Comms, she helped to bring our social media to a more active status and she greatly assisted in spreading the word about this amazing community that she now plays such a vital role in helping to foster. I wish that we had a dozen people just like her and I hope that she knows just how much of a positive impact she continues to make every day.

– VADM Robert Dowd, Bravo Fleet Communications Officer

One of the changes we made within the first few months of launching the new model was to put all new members together into Starbase Bravo so that they could learn the ropes of activity reporting before they were posted into one of the Task Force. This has been an enormous success all thanks to Shelley, who works individually with each and every new member to navigate our system, with 13 ensigns graduating between August 1st and October 24th, thanks to her nominations of dozens of intermediate promotions and ribbons.

The logistical task aside, Shelley has been exemplary in reaching out personally to new members, with many, many hours spent on Discord and via Email coaching people through the different activities, helping them find placements for their characters, and making them feel welcome in our organization. She deserves special credit for helping achieve this for nearly two months before the actual academy course content was available for new members.

Without Shelley, the new member experience would be substantially more challenging both for the new members and for task force staff.

— RADM Aubrey Seagraves, Bravo Fleet Operations Officer

Since I’ve taken over as Chief of Staff, Shelley has been instrumental in helping manage the interface between the Star Base Bravo cadets and the Office of the Chief of Staff. Always there to help make sure everything is done correctly, even catching a few administrative errors on the part of yours truly. Her advice and assistance have ensured that the process of cadets moving between their training assignments and their Task Forces has been nothing by seamless.

I thank you for your work, Shelley, and I know this award is but one step upon your journey to many more. Thank you!

– CAPT Stavro Davila, Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff