Medal of Achievement #1

Sep 15, 2020

Being a BFA member while also continuing to be an active participant across multiple games is an impressive achievement. Reece has been an integral part of both the Adelphi and Guardian Station this summer, amassing a considerable 22 Legions of Honor for his writing there. This activity extends beyond just posting, as well, since he is one of the most active contributors to both of these games’ out-of-character communities as well, helping plan plots and get new members involved into the story. For Guardian Station, in particular, for having stepped up into the Executive Officer role, Reece has proven once again his indispensability. In addition, Reece made extensive contributions to the new canon related to the Kzinti, demonstrating that he remains an active contributor to the Task Force even with his other fleet responsibilities.

– Rear Admiral Elizabeth Hayden, TFCO TF9


BFA members are deserving of recognition for their work as members as much as their work as staff. The Office of the Chief of Staff concurs that Reece has demonstrated himself an outstanding contributor to his games and TF, beyond his work as the Internet Officer.

– Rear Admiral Alexander Beckett, Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff