Meritorious Service Cross #1

Sep 15, 2020

Dave’s service in his first few months as Task Force 9 Executive Officer has been exemplary, as he has completely handled the activity reporting for the Task Force while also being an active player himself across several different activities. In particular, Dave’s work on the Cygnus to get a new game going and help test out the fleet’s new pre-made game concept is worthy of recognition, as he has kept the game going while the appointed GM has been unable to participate. Many games fail within their first few months, but the Cygnus will not, thanks to Dave’s efforts. Activity reporting happens regularly, every single week like clockwork, and Dave has gone above and beyond the call of duty by seeking out activity that hasn’t been reported, all in the spirit of making sure that recognition gets where it is due, all while earning 23 Legions of Honor and 9 Service Ribbons himself. SImply put, Dave is one of the most active and engaged members in Task Force 9, and for this he is deserving of the Meritorious Service Cross.

– Rear Admiral Elizabeth Hayden, TFCO TF9