Meritorious Service Cross

Recipients of the Meritorious Service Cross have shown consistent and dedicated service to one’s unit by having displayed a greater than average amount of activity over a period of several weeks that included participation in several projects, events or competitions.

Sep 15, 2020


Shelley has consistently been one of the most active members in the fleet since the new model of activity-based awards was introduced in April. In the past few months, she has accumulated an astonishing 41 Legions of Honor and 55 Service Ribbons, coupled with placing in 4 competitions. To put her Service Ribbons into perspective, that’s 13,750 words written, which is impressive by any standard. This sustained level of high activity in either fiction writing or writing on Hawkeye Island, Guardian Station, and Delta-Bravo would be impressive on their own, but given that she’s so active in these two different areas, she is all the more worthy of recognition for being a member who takes advantage of so many different opportunities to participate: fiction writing, game writing, and competitions. To recognize this high level of activity, Shelly is deserving of the Meritorious Service Cross.

– Rear Admiral Elizabeth Hayden, TFCO TF9