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Star for Distinguished Service #1

Sep 03, 2020

Members of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty have multiple routes to recognition; this is often represented by promotions and Merit Awards acknowledging their contributions to their Task Forces, community, and the Fleet at large. They are, however, still players in games and writers of stories, and deserve acknowledgment for these everyday efforts.

For several months David has been a committed member of multiple games and the GM of Guardian Station, one of the Fleet’s most active; in this time he has accrued 37 Legions of Honour. A further 9 Service Ribbons have been earned for his fiction, both in personal projects and in stories supporting the lore of Task Force 9. David has also made significant contributions to the activity of the BF Star Trek Online fleet, earning an impressive 47 Strategic Action Ribbons and 8 Campaign Ribbons. During the Raptors’ Wings Fleet Action, he earned Challenge Coins from 11 competitions, and has placed in two more Fleet-wide competitions since then. This demonstrates a remarkably varied membership, which in itself is worthy of acclaim, and is all in addition to his responsibilities as a member of the Admiralty. While this award is not for projects or service in the BFA, I acknowledge that David’s work as a player comes in addition to these demands upon his time. Furthermore, this activity has not come about from sitting in quiet corners of games; in all these efforts he has been a fundamental piece of the fabric of each Bravo Fleet community he touches.

As a player in this Fleet, David has more than earned the Star for Distinguished Service for his contributions.

– Rear Admiral Alexander Beckett, Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff