Jonathan Archer Order of Merit #1

Aug 30, 2020

Mark first came on board the Bravo Fleet staff as the Task Force Executive Officer of Task Force 38 at the end of March. Since then, he has hit the ground running first as a TFXO and now for a TFCO over the past 4 months. In that entire time, Mark has been an integral and invaluable part of the redevelopment of Task Force 38. As TFCO, Mark has continued on the success 38 has had during and through the Bravo Fleet relaunch and 38s own rebuild from near closure at the beginning of the year.

Under Mark’s command, 38 has had continued success with its games, canon, and activity. During The Raptor’s Wings relaunch event, TF38 came in second place for participation and points under Mark’s leadership. But where Mark really shines is his ability to manage his staff’s and his own dedication to developing the canon of TF38. They have completely build up wiki pages and canon for several Delta Quadrant species and entire empires which have been top-notch, high-quality articles that contribute to Bravo Fleet, and Task Force 38s, canon. Thank you Mark for your extreme dedication to Bravo Fleet and as the steward of Task Force 38 through the past 4 months! Task Force 38 has done nothing but continue to grow, and I suspect it will not be stopping any time soon!