Meritorious Service Cross

Recipients of the Meritorious Service Cross have shown consistent and dedicated service to one’s unit by having displayed a greater than average amount of activity over a period of several weeks that included participation in several projects, events or competitions.

Aug 29, 2020


During the past four months, TrumpetMaster29 has been one of the most active members in the fleet, earning an impressive 19 Service Ribbons for his fiction on Relay Station Bravo exploring the history of one of his characters, 42 Strategic Action Ribbons for his diligent playing of Star Trek Online, and 5 Legions of Honor for his posts on the USS Amandora game on the Holodeck. This sustained level of activity is noteworthy and is deserving of recognition by way of the Meritorious Service Cross. It is worth noting that TrumpetMaster is on track to be the first (or certainly one of the first) members who has gone from Cadet through all of the Junior Officer ranks in the new system, serving as an example to new members and as a very patient guinea pig for us as we’ve navigated this new activity reporting and promotion system together, as he’s been an active participant in nearly every single one of the fleet’s systems from the academy to fiction to writing on games to Star Trek Online.