Meritorious Service Cross #1

Jul 08, 2020

Reece has demonstrated considerable activity on both Guardian Station and USS Adelphi, earning an impressive 33 Legions of Honor while writing multiple characters and participating in a wide variety of joint and solo posts, while also maintaining an important role in both of these communities’ Discord servers and assisting with the management of their websites. He currently serves as the AGM on Guardian Station, which is the largest game in the fleet, which itself requires considerable energy and attention to keep running. As the first TFXO in the newly revived TF9, he has also been very active on the discord servers planning the new USS Cygnus, USS Venture, and Roosevelt Station games, offering input on storylines, website design, and recruitment. He is one of the most active members in the fleet on Discord and has been a continually welcoming presence to new members across the entire fleet. I’ll also note that this activity is in addition to his service to the Internet Office as a CA. Reece is quick to point people to the places that they can get their questions answered, as well as simply to show that our community is one that embraces new people wit open arms. For this sustained activity and service to Task Force 9, I am pleased to nominate Reece for the Meritorious Service Cross.

– Rear Admiral Elizabeth Hayden, Task Force 9 TFCO