Medal of Achievement

Those who receive the Medal of Achievement have shown a strong level of activity within their Task Force or Task Group through gaming, participation and placement in competitions and events, or having worked on small-scale projects.

Jun 11, 2020


trumpetmaster29 has been consistently active in the community since he joined Bravo Fleet a few months ago, being a constant presence on our Discord server and participating in a number of different fleet activities: he is an active member of the Amanadora on the Holodeck, earning five Legions of Honor during the first two months of the new model by playing the ship’s flight group leader; he participated in nine Raptor’s Wings competitions, placing in both poetry competitions as well as the word scramble; and he has been an active participant in the fleet’s Star Trek Online presence, earning not only 39 Strategic Actions Ribbons, but also a Campaign Ribbon as well, signifying remarkable activity in a short time. One of the strengths of the new model in the fleet is that it allows people to show their activity in multiple different ways, and trumpetmaster29 has taken full advantage of this by participating in all aspects of the fleet, with plans to start fiction writing on the forums as well. Because of this, he has earned the Medal of Achievement.

– RAdm Elizabeth Hayden, TFCO TF9