Star for Distinguished Service #1

Jun 10, 2020

Christopher has gone above and beyond in his attention to detail and ability to drive plots within Task Force 38 during his service as Task Force Chief of Staff since March 2020. He was largely responsible for guiding the nascent USS Adelphi sim, in his role as a mentor to its two commanding officers and while also serving as a TGCO. His mentorship of the Adelphi sim led to its ability to continue writing through both commanding officers, and be a cornerstone of Delta Quadrant writing. Thanks to him, the Nacene Reach’s canon has been strengthened and the users writing in that area are excited to begin their adventures in the Delta Quadrant. Initiative is one of Christopher’s defining qualities, and I am consistently impressed with his ability to be given minimal direction and for him to then execute a plan for a race, planet, or plotline that manages to perfectly capture the spirit of screen canon and the direction of Task Force 38’s vision. On top of his leadership within Task Force 38, he is also a phenomenal writer adding to its canon as evidenced by his 32 Legion of Honor awards. In recognition of his service to TF38, I congratulate Christopher for the Star for Distinguished Service.

– RAdm Elizabeth Hayden, TFCO TF9 (former TFCO TF38)