Sim of the Quarter

All simulations of the Fleet that have been awarded the Simulation of the Month Unit Citation are automatically considered for this award and the award is granted by means of a majority vote of the BFA. Members of the BFA are not allowed to vote for their own sim or the sim nominated for their Task Force. Only simulations still active at the time of the vote are eligible for the award.

May 18, 2020


Endeavour is one of those games whose name constantly crosses my desk in the Office of the Chief of Staff. Taking a closer look for the Quarterly awards, I’ve seen a game committed to the unique setting of the NX Era and the Romulan War, properly engaging with the aesthetics, confines, and opportunities of the period. Looking at the game’s history, I saw a strong burst of activity in its start, followed by a quiet period; incredibly common in sims, and the death of most of them. Not so for Endeavour. That it overcame this lag with fresh crew and fresh ideas at the beginning of the quarter and came back stronger than ever is worthy of acclaim. This momentum has stuck around, and Bravo Fleet’s most active NX game deserves attention.