Medal of Achievement

The Medal of Achievement is issued to the recipient for exceptional service to a simm, Task Force or Office in the fleet. This could include help with overall management of a simm or Task Force or a member who is consistently contributing to a simm or providing essential services from which other members may benefit (such as in the Academy, Graphics Team, Hall of Honour, etc.).


Nate has been a stellar XO and player over the years, but more recently upon the launch of the USS August earlier this year in TF9 especially so. He came on as my XO and was a creative writer, ready to help the few players that showed interest and/or joined, and generally kept things running. The August had a very slow start, but Nate was there as my right hand for the duration. I know he will continue to do this in all sims of which he is a member, and he is an extremely valuable member of the Bravo Fleet community. I am proud to nominate him for this Medal for all that he has done and continues to do today! – Chris