Legacy Medal

The Legacy Medal represents an old medal for which there is no current comparable award in the current system. This may mean the criteria for the award is no longer applicable to present ribbons, or the written nomination lacks sufficient detail for the OCS to award a current medal in its place. The Legacy Medal still represents a notable contribution to Bravo Fleet in past years.

Jan 04, 2020


Nate has been a stellar XO and player over the years, but more recently upon the launch of the USS August earlier this year in TF9 especially so. He came on as my XO and was a creative writer, ready to help the few players that showed interest and/or joined, and generally kept things running. The August had a very slow start, but Nate was there as my right hand for the duration. I know he will continue to do this in all sims of which he is a member, and he is an extremely valuable member of the Bravo Fleet community. I am proud to nominate him for this Medal for all that he has done and continues to do today! – Chris