Sim of the Month (TF99)

The Simulation of the Month (of a Task Force) is awarded to a simulation for its contribution to the Task Force canon, activity, quality, number of players and others. All simulations in a Task Force are automatically considered for this award however nominations are sought from fellow CO's. It is awarded by the Hall of Honour on behalf of the TFCO.


Issued to the CO of Starbase 400, winner of SOTM September 2019, TF99. “Reason 1: Starbase 400, is a very active sim. That has over 20 years of story telling. They are currently working on their historic milestone of 100 episodes. Thi sis one the premiere sims, in Star Trek Role Play writing.”

“Reason 2: Starbase 400 – I just love this sim, how large it is and how well they all write together.”