Meritorious Service Cross #1

Mar 01, 2019

I would like to nominate Kai1701E for the award of the Community Recognition Ribbon. As my CO in USS Ulysses, my mentor as I attempt to turn USS Trafalgar from a notion to a working sim, and as a genuinely selfless provider of guidance and support to all members of Bravo Fleet, Kai1701E has more than earned an award nomination.

Clearly possessing a deep knowledge of all of the skills required of a Bravo Fleet asset (great writing, superlative skills with photo manips, Nova and Discord, deep familiarity with Trek canon) the real achievement is the time and patience given over to supporting members of our community. I note the requirement to provide evidence and “relevant information”; my response is to suggest that even a superficial examination of the Discord areas will throw up Kai1701E supporting members of a wide range of our sims. If required I can screenshot Kai1701E’s patience in helping me through the Nova minefield to edit pictures into the pages of my website. ‘Small fry’? Not a bit of it – this help is offered across the Bravo Fleet area and is done with patience and kindness. This is not a Bravo Fleet member content to merely “run with the pack”, but breathes real energy into Bravo Fleet activity.

I conclude by submitting that the granting of this award, again (following an award in 2015) would be apt recognition of consistent and generous support to our community.