David has been writing in online RPGs since 2003, starting with live games in Star Trek: Elite Force, then PBEM games (his first was the Farragut in TF72) when he joined Bravo Fleet around 2004. He has been a game master, TGCO (when those were still a thing), TFXO, and TFCO in his 15+ years in this hobby. Professionally, he is a university writing instructor.

Akintoye Okusanya
Second Officer & Chief Engineering Officer, USS Arcturus
Elizabeth Hayden
Commanding Officer & Commander, Task Group 38.2, USS Arcturus
Jonathan Knox
Commander, Task Force 38, Starbase 38
Noah Slater
Starfleet Corps of Engineers Liaison, Delta Exploration Initiative
Sean Gaudain
Commanding Officer, USS Apollo
Stephanie Lawrence
Commanding Officer's Aide-de-Camp, Starbase 38
Federation Diplomatic Corps Liaison, Delta Exploration Initiative
Starfleet Science Liaison, Delta Exploration Initiative
Thomas Belvedere
Commanding Officer, Starbase 38
Zosyor Imiam
Strategic Operations Officer, Delta Exploration Initiative
Commanding Officer, USS Seleya