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1x Dedication Citation – 5 Years
1x Dedication Citation – 4 Years
1x Medal of Achievement

1x Starfleet Medal of Commendation




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Chris is a long-time simmer and Star Trek (and Wars) fan. He started in UCIP and AQSG back in 2001 and worked his way up to running a fleet in AQSG, 5th Fleet Thunderfleet. He then took a short break and then began simming again in 2010 and continues today with, Bravo Fleet, Obsidian Fleet, Pegasus Fleet, and 22nd Fleet. In those groups he has done TFCO work, leading RP divisions, Fleet Services (BFIO-like) work, and more. In BF, he has served as TFXO for Task Force 93 and as the BF Internet Officer, recently returning in 2019 to TF9.