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Command At Sea

I am typically a very modest person but when it comes to my writing. I have a better than average ability to write and am a huge Star Trek fan. I am also a huge fan of Knight Rider. I am totally a geek but very loveable. :P

I became a member of Bravo Fleet in late 2000. I served first with Kai on the USS Miranda then on the USS Montgomery. In late 2008 I stepped up to my biggest role in Bravo Fleet and assumed command of the then dying NXD. After a lot of hard work with two good friends the three of us were able to revive the NXD and boost its activity to what it had been earlier. It saddened me to have to leave Bravo Fleet and the NXD which I was commanding in summer 2009. However, that departure was necessary as I was dealing with a traumatic family issue.