Part of USS Corax: Caduceus Pt. 1

Chapter 11 – Engineering Efficiently

USS Corax
Feb 2401
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The turbolift doors slid open with a faint hiss, depositing T’Keterk near Engineering. They were a few short days from their arrival at the border of the old Romulan Neutral Zone. While Emma got them to their destination was the perfect time to run some additional diagnostics while the ships systems were operating at peak efficiency.

While some of the particulars of their assignment were common knowledge, there was still a lot of unknowns they were flying in to and T’Keterk wanted to make sure they were ready for any eventuality, whether they were remaining in orbit to screen new arrivals or would be landing planet side to supplement the existing medical facilities. It was all entirely dependent on the ever evolving situation ahead and the direction of the planetary government. They were there on official invite of course, this was as much a diplomatic assignment as was a humanitarian assignment. What they did here could have long lasting impacts if the correct advantage were applied.

Taking a seat at the small office off the main area of Engineering, T’Keterk began queueing some Diagnostic programs and making minor adjustments to power transfer rates and reinforcing any redundancies. Some might say he was taking things a bit far, but one could never be too careful. Although he was more than certain of the Corax’s ability, he still felt like they had something to prove. They were just as capable as their larger counterparts and in some respects even more resourceful.

Keeping an eye on the terminal screen in front of him as results from the diagnostics programs began to appear. Copying some of the data to his padd, T’Keterk was pleased. Once the final diagnostics had completed, he would run some simulations based on the projected needs and requirements of the Proteus system.

As he patiently waited for the final program to finish, T’Keterk found himself thinking back to where it all started and where they were currently. With little warning, he had found himself re-assigned to the Corax joined by a fresh academy graduate pilot and a relatively young captain thrust into the centre seat as provisional Commanding Officer. If he was being honest with himself, he didnt expect the first journey into the Delta Quadrant to be successful, but as the small tight-knit crew of three traversed the unknown of the new frontier listening for signals in the dark, his opinions quickly changed. They became their own support system, keeping each other honest and always watching out for each other. It was both humbling and also a true example of the ideals of Starfleet and by extension the Federation.

This sentiment rang true when they completed their initial supply run and the colony leader returned a Federation researcher who got caught up in the chaos. Seeing the Captain immediately offer comfort and contact before promising to get him home safely was almost enough to make the most logical of Vulcan shed a tear. Although, their passenger was an unknown variable to the rest of the crew, he knew both himself and Emma made certain to let him know that he was never a burden and was a welcome addition to the crew.

Turning his thoughts to the present assignment and crew transfers that took place in very quick succession, T’Keterk found himself pleased. Having a trained doctor and a research specialist on board in temporary capacities would be a huge asset to the Corax. Granted aside from the intial briefing and a toast to their future success, T’Keterk hadn’t had much of a chance to interact with Damien and Nora properly, but he resolved to change that as soon as possible. The respect he had for Captain Suin was a small price to pay to help the new officers find their feet and be part of the ever growing family. Allowing himself the smallest of smiles, T’Keterk looked around the Engineering section. There was nowhere he would rather be and looking back never once regretted his decision to pursue Engineering over the Sciences most Vulcan’s had a leaning toward.

He didn’t know what the future was going to hold, but he hoped almost beyond hope that he would be able to remain a valued member of Aris’ crew. He was well aware as he was certain the rest of the crew was as well that their posting to the Corax was short-term and life in Starfleet could deal you a terrible hand at the drop of a hat.

The chirping of the terminal bought him out of his musings. All diagnostics came back clean across the board. Compiling the results, he would deliver these to the Captain and Emma as soon as he ran a few simulations. If deemed necessary the Captain would also pass these onto the Sciences and Medical divisions at his discretion.

“Engineering to Bridge.” T’Keterk tapped his badge.

“Go ahead, Lieutenant.” Emma replied. The Captain must still have been sequestered away in the Ready Room if Emma was the sole occupant of the bridge.

“I am wanting to arrange a quick meeting with yourself and Captain Suin at the Captain’s earliest convenience.” T’Keterk responded.

“Affirmative, Lieutenant.” Emma replied. “As soon as the Captain returns from the Mess Hall, I will inform him of your request. What is this in regards to?”

“I have some diagnostic results and simulations to update the Captain on before our arrival to Proto II.” T’Keterk finished.

“Copy that, T’Keterk. “Emma replied as the comm channel closed off.

T’Keterk tapped his badge one more time. “Lieutenant T’Keterk to Doctor Yates.”

“Go ahead Lieutenant.” Nora answered.

“Do you have availability for a quick discussion later this afternoon?” enquired T’Keterk.

“For you, my new Vulcan friend, I can make availability.” Nora answered, humour colouring her tone.

“That would be most agreeable.” T’Keterk replied. This would be his first proper meeting with the new Doctor and he wanted it to go well. He had of course reviewed her personnel file and was eager to draw on her years of experience. Now all that was left was the final wait for the simulation results.