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Part of USS Damascus: M2: Blood Dilithium Delux

10) Soul Diving – Part 1

Trill - Temple
December 2400
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The beautiful, fully grown forest with clear blue skies. On the path, councilor Praugol walked up front, followed by Silina, a few security officers, Sazra, and Miki. They neared a large pond that gave the impression of pure serenity. It gave the group a second to embrace this peaceful nature. “Welcome back to Trill councilor Praugol. We of the Symbiosis Commission and Guardians of these sacred areas are here to witness the progression of joining,” One man spoke, letting his eye slide upon Sazra while she was looking down to the ground. 

Nedzill gave a soft smile to them and bowed slightly her head. “Thank you for your honor of welcoming us and overseeing this progression” Nedzill looked over her shoulder to Sazra and then back. “Plus, taking into consideration terms to save my daughter” 

The man narrowed his eyes and finally looked back at the councilor. “Madam councilor it is a very risky process and if we deem it to be dangerous for the symbiont, we will choose the life of the symbiont over that of your daughters”

“Excuse me?” Silina spoke up, looking at them both. “What do you mean this is a risky process? Why would you consider risking Captain Praugols life for …” Silina stopped seeing Nedzill raising a hand to her.

Giving a glare to Silina, Nedzill looked back at the guardian. “Apologies for the rude interjection of the Commander. She doesn’t understand our cultural standards. I understand the risk, and I am willing to take the risk to get my daughter back” Nedzill was focused on the guardian seeing some frustration.

“Very well, bring her inside” The guardians turned around as Nedzill waved her hand to Miki. “Bring her inside. I need to have a word with Commander Ruslanovna” Seeing Miki gave her a nod as the group with Sazra entered the sacred temple. Taking a deep breath as Nedzill turned her attention to Silina, “Listen to me very carefully right now, I know you love my daughter. You care for her. But I need you to stick it out on the sideline. Do not get involved in this ritual. If you do, your future with her is over” 

Silina blinked, surprised by the sudden warning she had received. “Is this ritual going to kill her” She points her hand to the entrance, but her eyes are locked on Nedzill. “And what do you mean by it will be over if I get involved”

Looking back at the entrance and seeing no one standing there, giving a slight nod to herself, Nedzill looked back at Silina. “Normally, I am old-fashioned. I am bound by traditions and respect for culture within my people’s history. But seeing my daughter grow, develop a path for herself within Starfleet, and gain all these new experiences I would dream of having. I have to come to the conclusion to weigh out between what is important to my daughter or to me.” She stepped closer to Silina and took a careful look at her face. “Our law forbade reassociation between the host and previously romantically involved with” 

Taking a step back, Silina now sees what Nedzill was trying to tell her “Meaning that if it was known about…” She took a few steps back to look at the pond “Oh damn that is …” 

Giving a slight nod to that “Seeing that her records still state that Sazra is single, nothing changes as the Trill don’t see it as a previous romantic involvement.” Nedzill took a deep breath looking to the entrance “The ritual is a risk, I knew from the start. We don’t know what the blood dilithium did to Sazra’s brain or even her soul. We know that she is in there and being held hostage by this unknown being. But there lies the risk” Placing her hands over each other as she looked back at Silina “The idea is that the symbiont will force the entity out of Sazra, but Sazra has to pick up herself as well” 

“You are taking a lot of a gamble in this fight. How do we know the symbiont will do what we expect it to do? What if Sazra cannot get herself up, and we don’t know what the entity in her will do to resist? Sazra might get severely medically injured in this ritual” Silina looked back at Nedzill and blinked for a second, seeing the warm yet sad facial expression of realization of a mother. “You already took that in account…” 

“I did” Nedzill replied. “The only thing we can do, is stand there and pray that she will come through this” Nedzill heard footsteps and looked over her shoulder “Ahh, guardian you are waiting for us?” She saw his nod as Nedzill nodded back. “Let us go, Commander, now please keep to our cultural ways” She started to walk behind the guardian into the temple. 

Silina took a deep breath and just nodded. “Yes, ma’am, I will” There was so much going through her mind. Would the entity let go of Sazra? Was the risk there that Sazra would get mentally injured? Would the symbiont not overwhelm the personality of Sazra? Would Sazra still feel the same for her? Walking through the hallways felt like an eternity. The memories of everything she and Sazra had experienced, from the first time they met at the academy to the turbolift kiss. Now Silina could only stand at the sideline to see the love of her life, fight for everything to reclaim her mind, and release her soul. Silina stood still at the side of Nedzill as she saw Sazra lying on the table with straps tied down.

The head guardian enters the room and looks at everyone as his eyes stop at the councilor. “Councilor, do understand that this a very rare case of acceptance. It is because of Sazra’s outstanding records in Starfleet and the field of Science that she is recognized as a potential host. But this…” He looked at Sazra and narrowed at the red pupil eyes that looked at him back. “Might fail. You accept the conditions of the outcome?” 

“You rather sacrifice your daughter than let me step up and fight for my people’s freedom,” Sazra finally spoke up as her eyes glared back at Nedzill. “You are a role model of a mother. I am going to enjoy this” 

Trying not to respond in pure grief and hatred, Nedzill felt a hand on her shoulder as she looked at her side, seeing Silina standing there. She gave a nod to her and looked back at the head guardian. “Please proceed with the ritual and I assure you my daughter will be the last one standing in this conflict”