Part of USS Edinburgh: Mission 1 – What Burns in the Darkness and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

First Time for Everything

USS Edinburgh
May 14, 2400
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USS Edinburgh – Bridge – 1110

The doors swung open and revealed the bridge of the USS Edinburgh…his ship.  Ambrose took the first step into the expansive bridge as his First Officer Jordan Reid followed behind with the new Chief Engineer in tow.  The bridge was in low power mode as it had arrived earlier than expected and the interim command crew had taken most of the main systems offline when they deactivated their command and control functions.

Harris walked down to the center chairs and stared at the command chair.  Reid came up behind him, “Commander…this is a beautiful ship.”

Okada walked over to the side of the bridge and tapped at a console, “You’ll need to authenticate before I can do anything, sir.”

Harris took a deep breath. Time to take command.  PADD in hand, he stepped over to the command chair and began to follow the directions.  Step by step, he input his command codes and enabled the roster transfer from the USS Erigone.  A moment later the computer beeped, =^=Please state your name, rank, and command entry code for the record=^=

Harris felt his heart pick up speed, “Commander Ambrose Harris, Entry Code LimaAlphaRunamuk497.”  A moment passed.

=^=Codes accepted.  Welcome aboard, Commander.  Roster transfer is complete.  Crew access verified and complete.  Ships logs updated to reflect command and roster changes.  The ship is yours.=^=

The lights flickered for but a second but soon the bridge was full of light as each station sprang alive, and the viewscreen warmed to life, showing the space around them.  They took in the ship’s command center for the first time and all three were in awe. Harris chuckled as he marveled at the bridge, “I don’t think the New Orleans class came standard with this kind of a bridge.  Our bridge on the Raven was tiny in comparison.”  There were plenty of seats and an alcove with stations behind the main tactical station and he pointed them out to Reid.  “She’s a working ship – not someone who just wanders.  She’s meant to do some digging and swinging…while also pushing the bounds of science.”  

Reid sat down in the chair to the right.  She leaned back and closed her eyes to soak in the moment.  It was surreal to her and the moment would stay in her memory forever.  Okada sat back in the chair at the console, “This is my first ship…never been in charge or worked on one.”

Ambrose stared at the center chair, not wanting to sit in it quite yet, “This will be the first for a lot of us, Lieutenant.” He glanced over to her, “A lot of the crew you’ll be overseeing…this will be their first ship out of the academy.”  He nodded to Reid, “Your medical staff is going to be needing guidance…mentorship…and lots of patience.”  A small smile tugged at the corner of his mouth, “What’s that old saying…there’s a first time for everything?  Lot of that going to be happening over the next few days.”

Reid stared at him, “You gonna sit in it or not, Commander?”  Okada laughed out loud then clasped her hands over her mouth, eyes wide and face reddening.  

Harris faux glared at her but threw up his hands in defeat and slowly lowered himself into the chair.  It was far more comfortable than the Erigone’s, but the bridge of the Edinburgh was more comfortable.  Everything was more comfortable. He quietly wondered if that was entirely a good thing.  The ambient noise of the bridge held their silence until he stood, “Right.  Enough sitting.  Lieutenant…how do you want me to call you?  Chief?  Chief Katsumi?  How we start out is how it’ll be.”

She considered for a moment, “Chief or Chief Katsumi will do just fine, Commander.”  She danced a little on her two feet, nervous energy threatening to take over.  “Do I have your permission to go inspect my engine room?”  She smiled wide as he nodded and gestured to the turbolift which she gleefully ran to and entered.  She waved excitedly as the doors closed, leaving Reid and Harris alone.  

He turned to her, “You have permission to inspect your sickbay, Doctor Reid.”  She eyed him and resisted the urge to kiss him on the bridge.  The discussion from earlier was still rattling around in her brain…they would need to finish that conversation.  She gave him a half nod and made her way to a turbolift and was on her way.  Ambrose Harris stood in the middle of the bridge, his eyes soaking in every detail…as if it would fade into memory if he looked away.  He had found his new home and a new family to grow with.

The future looked bright, indeed.