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Part of USS Edinburgh: Mission 1 – What Burns in the Darkness and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

At First Light

Starbase Bravo, USS Edinburgh
May 14, 2400
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Starbase Bravo – 0800

Ambrose sat outside the personnel office, waiting.  The last two days had been filled with transferring belongings to storage and filling time on the expansive starbase with some downtime.  He admitted it had been helpful to have some time to rest from the adventures they’d had on the Erigone.  The time for rest had come to an end and he was desperate for something to do, and somewhere to go.

“Commander Harris, you’re next up.”

He entered the conference room and was pointed to a seat at the head of the table, which he took.  And waited.

A woman in command red spoke first, “Commander Harris, we wanted to extend our thanks and congratulations on the success of your various missions.  The information and data you’ve gathered have been a great help.  The work of you and your crew impressed us.”  Harris didn’t think he was supposed to speak at this point, so he simply gave a nod of thanks.

A man in operations gold activated the console on the table as the screens around the room activated, “As you were made aware, the USS Erigone suffered significant damage and will need a short refit and repair time in our docks.  You were also informed that your mission is being continued – you and your crew uncovered something that demands further investigation and action.”

An older officer in blue leaned on the table, “The ongoing Romulan situation continues to evolve and shift on a daily and even hourly basis.  We need uniquely suited crews to be able to respond with whatever is needed at the time. We need a ship and a crew that can be whatever it needs to be wherever it is.”  He nodded to the man in operations gold who tapped the console, and the image of a New Orleans Class starship filled the room.

The woman in command red glanced at Harris as she spoke, “You have shown an excellent heart and mind for command, Mr. Harris.  Therefore, it is the decision of this panel that your command be transferred to the USS Edinburgh, a New Orleans class starship.  She has recently had a refit and refurbish, and is being delivered here by an interim command team later this morning.” She tapped the console once more, “Most of your officers will be transferred with you.  Mr. Phillips has been requested by Bravo command and he has accepted.  You will be receiving a chief engineering officer who we expect to arrive later today.  Everyone else, including your Emergency Command Hologram, will transfer.”

Harris gave a nod.  He wondered if Philips would have stayed had this opportunity presented itself.  He was pleased the remaining crew was coming along and would be with him.

The operations officer tapped at the console himself and a list of crewmen and officers slowly scrolled, “The standard crew complement for your ship is 200.  You will be assigned a mostly recently graduated cadet crew – given how fast the Romulan events occurred, we’ve had to draw up many bodies across the various fleets.  They will be arriving over the next two days and be officially transferred through this office.”  He cleared the screens and turned his attention to the CO of the Edinburgh.  “Do you have any questions?”

Ambrose was mostly in shock and awe.  A full-fledged starship?  And he was her commanding officer?  He had studied the New Orleans design over the years and had slowly grown to like the look of it, and how much of a utility workhorse she could be.  He cleared his throat, “Uh…uhm.”  He took a second to think and then tried again, “I am…humbled.  I didn’t expect such a possibility.”  He thought for a moment, “I’m thankful.”  Harris gave a meek smile, “This might sound like a naive question…but how do I take command of her?”

The command officer chuckled, and her smile was genuine, “We have a PADD for you to take on board that will walk you through everything, Commander.  Your rank remains, I should note.  In time and with continued success, this panel will be proud to award you your next rank pip.  Good luck…and godspeed, Mr. Harris.”

He stood and thanked them.  An aide at the door handed him his entry PADD which included the ship’s arrival time and the steps to take command. He stood out in the hall for a moment realizing he was in command of a ship.  A starship.  An 18-deck starship.  His smile was wide.  He was the commanding officer of a starship.  He tapped out a message to the crew to meet him at his quarters at 0900 hours.  He had some very good news.