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Part of USS Denver: The Fujiwhara Effect and USS Denver: Eye of the Storm

When Two Storms Collide

Starfleet HQ
March 5, 2400 @ 14:00
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ASDB Headquarters,  San Francisco-

Vice Admiral Rebecca Talon looked up from her computer terminal as a Vulcan officer entered the office with his hands clasped behind him.  “Admiral," Vorath greeted. “I have some potentially disturbing news.” Rebecca's former helm officer, now with the four pips of a captain was now attached to Starfleet operations.

Standing Rebecca gave the Vulcan her undivided attention. “What is it?”

“Admiral,” Vorath swallowed, an uncharacteristic slip of emotion for the man, “Commander Talon's ship is missing in action.”

“What do you mean by ‘missing’?”

“I mean precisely that. The Zebulon Pike has dropped off sensors along with the Heracles.”

Rebecca sized Vorath up, and with a sigh, “And who is in charge of this mess?”

“Admiral Derki Korlin.”

Starfleet Command,  San Francisco-

Rebecca stormed into Admiral Korlin's office with a protesting Lieutenant in tow.  “Ma'am! Ma'am! The Admiral has given orders to not be disturbed.”

“Lieutenant do you want to play rank poker? I assure you, you will lose.” Rebecca asked as she pushed past the stunned officer and into the spacious office of Admiral Korlin.  “So, when we're you planning of telling me that my daughter and step-son are missing in action Derki?"

Derki looked up at the person that had stormed into his office. He saw the terrified look on the Lieutenant behind the Vice Admiral that was barking at him. Lifting a hand he waved the Lieutenant off.

“Frankly Rebecca I wasn't going to,” he stated as he stood up and leveled his eyes with her. “And my reasoning is that it is classified under the intelligence-gathering policies that were given to me by you the moment you made me the Commanding Officer of Starfleet's Command and Control Monitoring department for the Fourth Fleet," he stated as he kept his ground.

“That's utter and complete bull crap and you know it,” Rebecca retorted.  “A missing ship especially one with my family on it is not something you keep from me.  What are the Romulans or whoever going to do with that information? Who do you have searching for them?”

Korlin, stood up to his full six foot five inches and looked down at Rebecca. “You of all people know that my family is also on board not only the Pike but also the Heracles,” he stated as he continued to look at her. “I am also aware that your former Operations Officer, Captain Peter Crawford, has a daughter that is aboard the Pike. So I can only deduct that you will be calling him shortly,” he stated boldly as a sigh left his lips realizing that she would be going for the Pike instead of the closer of the two. He couldn't blame her, but at the same time, he was astounded that she would like her personal feelings to overtake her judgment call on the probability of success; which lay in getting to her Heracles.

Sitting back down in his chair he looked at Rebecca once more, this time with sobering eyes.

Rebecca extended her five-foot ten-inch stature, to her fullest and looked down on the now seated Korlin. “You would be correct.  Unlike you, I don't hide things like that.  Especially those whom I consider nearly family.   It shouldn't have taken another officer to come to me to tell me this.  You send your rescue ship. I will get mine.  Unlike you, I stand by my people and they reciprocate.”

“You wouldn't understand Admiral. My daughter is on the Heracles, along with all of her pilot brothers and sisters,” he stated as he tapped a pedestal that projected a holographic image of Sukitha.

Rebecca crossed her arms, and the venom in her voice subsided a bit, “It's personal too. I get that, but you should have still told me.  If our positions were reversed I would have done it for you.  Now, if you will excuse me, I have some favors to call in.”

As Kolin watched Rebecca leave he spoke into the now empty room, “It's not just personal, it's a vow to reunite with a daughter that doesn't know her father,” his voice broke as he spoke about Sukitha.


Rebecca was back in her office sitting behind her computer.   On the screen was a Captain Peter Crawford of the USS Watership, an Olympic-class medical frigate. 

“Hey Pete,” Rebecca started.  “I wish this was a social call, but the Pike is MIA.”

Peter Crawford sat back in the command chair, the image of his old CO on the screen.  He frowned.  The Pike had been his daughter's recent assignment as Chief Combat Engineer.  Rebecca was now a Vice Admiral.  She was right.  It wasn't a social call.  He gave her a nod, “I'm guessing you haven't any idea where they've gone.”  He gestured to his science chief and the woman stepped closer to listen, “We're a medical ship primarily but we operate as a science vessel in tandem with a few other fleets.  We can lend a hand wherever you need.”

“I was hoping you would say that.  Command has dispatched the  Inverness but I think their priority is the Heracles which is missing as well.  I'm catching a ride with the Leeds to Starbase 23. Do you think you can pick me up? I'm going to contact Cheon as well.  His daughter's on the Pike too.”

Crawford nodded as he spoke to the officer at the front of the bridge, “Helm, alert all hands to departure stations.  Plot a course to Starbase 23, maximum warp.”  He returned his attention to Talon, “We'll be underway in moments, Rebecca.  What else do you need?”  The overhead speakers on the bridge and ship-wide rang with a gentle klaxon alerting the crew to the impending departure.  The officers on the bridge quietly shifted stations as the lights dimmed to a blue hue.

“Get there, and be ready. We both have family on that ship.”

Peter stood from the center chair, “Consider it done.  I'll alert Starbase 23 to ensure they'll get us a contingent or two of security teams, just in case.”

“Hopefully that won't be necessary, but that's a good call. Thank you, Peter. I'll see you in a few days."

The channel closed and Crawford turned to the bridge, “We've got some old friends and family to find.  Thank you for being flexible.  Let's get out there and lend our hands and feet.  Helm, get us on our way.”  The USS Watership leaped forward in space as the crew readied for whatever lay ahead.