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Sensory Implosion

Crew Quarters and Promenade Bar
2400's Q2
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~Darkness…Seething Hate…Betrayal~

Neva cried & shook her head, trying in vain to stop the onslaught. “You are MINE, Selina! NO ONE can take you from me!” He grabbed her hair, curling her locks around his hand that caused Neva to cry out louder. Neva struggled more, pushing at his face with her palm. He only laughed & continued what he was doing. Since nothing stopped the brute, she screamed “No! STOP! NOOOOO!!!”

“NOOOOO!” Neva called out, suddenly ramrod straight, staring unseeing at the foot of her bed. Ribbons of wakefulness slithered through her brain, bringing her back to life. Neva shook her head, trying to brush remaining tendrils away.

Neva rubbed her eyes & yawned. Throwing herself out of bed, she took care of her waking ablutions then left. Barely looking at the chronometer on her wrist, she made a beeline for the usual place where there was relative peace.

Entering the sparse establishment, she ordered a synthahol drink from the bar. Neva took a seat at the farthest table she could find & settled herself in. At this time of night, there were only a few patrons to cause only a minor headache.

A long, drawn out sigh escaped her lips as she looked down at her drink. During her recent visit, her mother had decided to move to the Mellstoxx System to be closer to Neva. Neva wasn’t sure if she liked the idea, but they were the only family they had. So it just made sense in the end.

Gazing down at her chronometer, she shook her head a little & smirked. Only 3 hours till shift. Wonderful… She realized she should’ve grabbed her PADD to finish a book or two, she mused. She toyed with the idea of going back to her room, but quickly dismissed it. The ghosts would come back & it was too soon to confront them.