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Part of USS Saratoga: Home Sweet Home

A Night Out

The Hillside Bar & Grill, USS Saratoga
February 2400
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The Hillside Bar & Grill had just opened its doors after Anai decided to close the previous day for extensive cleaning and restocking after the refugees had left the ship for their temporary home. People started to come in hoping to unwind after a stressful few days.

After taking their seats and ordering their food Sashaa looked at the others, “I am so glad this mission is over.” She said not that she didn’t have a heart or that she didn’t care about what had happened, she was just happy things were starting to return to somewhat normal.

“You’re telling me,” Brian replied as he leaned a bit back in his chair. “There were way too many fights going on between them like it was the end of the world, our brig was starting to get full.” He replied looking at the others before taking a drink.

Jaliyo looked at them, “really Brian how dare you to say such a thing. To them, it was the end of the world and they are all just scared, can you blame them?” The Counselor replied in anger as she could sense their fear and uncertainty at the whole situation.

“Well there could have been a different way to handle that,” Brian responded with a shrug looking up at the ceiling for a moment before shifting in the chair to look back at the others who just looked at him as they shook their head.

“I am sure in a perfect world,” Jaliyo replied in annoyance. “They just had to leave their home, with no warning or time to gather their things, uncertain if they would ever get to return to the home they have ever known” she replied. “What would you do if you were in their shoes?” She asked as their food arrived.

Sashaa looked at the two of them and responded before Brian could even reply, “I probably would have been scared and probably wouldn’t have been in the right state of mind to act right.” She responded truthfully as she knew what it was like to suddenly leave the only home she had, though it was only her and her family who had to quickly leave not a whole planet.

“There was still no need for violence,” Brian said still stuck in his beliefs as the others just rolled their eyes at him.

“You know what Brian?” she asked looking at him in almost disgust, “you’re impossible.” Jaliyo snorted in response as the others nodded in agreement.

“All well deal with it,” Brian replied with a shrug as he began to eat his meal.

They rolled their eyes as they began to eat their food in silence so they wouldn’t cause a scene in the restaurant, just then Nehi entered the establishment walking by their table before she found a seat near the corner window by herself. “Is that the new Assistant Chief Operations Officer?” Sashaa asked as she saw a fairly young Barzan officer walk by them.

“Yep, she just arrived before our last mission when we made a pitstop at Starbase Bravo,” Brian replied with food still in his mouth.

“Did your mother ever teach you manners?” Jaliyo asked as she sighed with his uncaring nature. Brian didn’t respond to that question and just continued to eat, “I am going to go ask her to join us so I suggest you behave yourself, Brian at least for once in your life.” Jaliyo replied as she got up and walked over to where Nehi was sitting.

“Ya ya,” he replied as she walked off, Sashaa just looked at him with a sigh and a slight shake of her head.

Jaliyo walked up to Nehi, “I hope I am not interrupting anything?” She asked with a soft smile as Nehi looked up to see the counselor standing there.

“No,” she responded looking at her.

“I am Lieutenant Jaliyo Raid, we would like you to join us if you want to.” She said as she gestured over to where she and her group was sitting. Jaliyo could sense the hesitation, unsure if she should join them or not.

After some awkward silence as she thought about the woman’s gesture, “I guess that would be alright,” Nehi replied as she stood up. “I am Lieutenant Commander Nehi, the new Assistant Chief Operations Officer,” she then added as they both walked over to the table, Jaliyo gestured to the open seat next to her and Sashaa and they both sat down.

“Everyone, this is Nehi,” she began introducing her to the others. “This here is Sashaa our Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer and Brian Holman our lovely Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer,” Jaliyo introduced as they both smiled and nodded.

“Welcome,” Sashaa said with a bright smile for an Orion.

“Yes welcome,” Brian said again with his mouth full which caused Sashaa to kick him from under the table. “What?” Brian said looking at Sashaa who just gave him the look as if to tell him to be polite. “Sorry, excuse my manners,” Brian said apologetically though both the women knew he was being sarcastic.

“Thanks,” Nehi replied looking at them as the waitress came back over to take her order. Nehi was a reserved and quiet person, though she did want to open up more and make some friends while here on the ship.

“So how are you settling in?” Sashaa asked looking at her as she took a bite of her food.

“So far so good, though the last mission made things a bit difficult all things considering,” she replied as the waitress came back a short time later with her food.

“That’s good,” Jaliyo replied with a smile. “I know new places especially at the start of a crisis can be daunting sometimes,” she added with a soft reassuring smile trying to make her feel comfortable.

“I know there aren’t many Barzan’s in Starfleet at least to my knowledge, I have only personally met one other one during my time.” Sasha began before taking a drink, “what made you decide to enter Starfleet?” She finished her question, she wasn’t trying to pry or be nosey just wanted to generally get to know her.

“I always wanted to travel beyond Barzan II, so when I was old enough I decided to join Starfleet Academy against my parent’s wishes.” She replied with a sigh, “we are not on the best of terms even now.” Nehi admitted as she hasn’t visited home since, not that she didn’t want to but her parents disowned her once she left.

“I am sorry to hear that,” Jaliyo replied with a soft look of sadness in her eyes.

“Don’t be, I don’t regret my decision,” Nehi replied with a smile as they would continue to talk amongst each other for another couple of hours drinking and enjoying each other’s company until they all decided to call it a night. They got up from their table and began to head out of the restaurant towards their quarters.

  • Sashaa

    Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer

  • Jaliyo Raid

    Assistant Chief Counselor