Part of USS Saratoga: Facing the Storm and Bravo Fleet: The Stormbreaker Campaign

An Interesting Discovery

USS Saratoga - Paulson Nebula
January 2400
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The Saratoga had already entered the nebula a few hours ago, they still had about an hour or so before they arrived at Aarius VII. Long-range sensors in the nebula were shot, short-range sensors were being shortened due to the ion storm interference that is happening throughout the nebula. 

Jeesa Atur was sitting at the science station going over readings that kept coming in as they traveled. Something appeared that had piqued her curiosity, looking up from her console. “Captain, I am picking something up on sensors that is a bit interesting, can we stop the ship to investigate? I think this is something of importance to our mission,” Atur inquired looking at Azras.

Azras looked at her for a moment before nodding before looking at Deza giving her the all-stop order, the ship had then come to a complete stop, “What have you found?” Azras asked looking at Atur who was turned around at her station.

“We picked up some unusual readings with what limited sensors we have, it seems that an ion storm had just passed through this area not that long ago.” Jeesa replied before continuing, “we are also picking up what seems to have also been a subspace rift which by accounts should still be in the area through sensors or what limited sensors we have, it’s no longer there. From what reports we that we know of that none of our ships have entered this area as of recently other than us,” she replied looking at her.

“With your permission, I would like to take the USS Oneida out to the area to get more readings,” Jeesa asked as Azras pondered the request. “I believe that the information will give us an idea where it’s traveling and how long we have to evacuate Aarius VII if it is indeed the one that is traveling towards our destination,” Jeesa said.

“Granted,” Azras replied before turning towards Ritru who was sitting at the communications console. “Send word to the convoy to move on ahead, we will catch up once we are finished here,” Azras ordered.

“Aye sir,” Ritru replied before tapping a few buttons on her console. A short time later the convoy began to break away from the Saratoga and move on towards its destination.

“Take what officers you need from your team but I would request that you please also include Arzin Varen who can be of assistance.” Azras replied before turning to Lieutenant Th’rikrir, “I would like you to pilot the Oneida,” Azras ordered.

“Aye sir,” Rass replied as he stood up.

“You got it, sir,” Jeesa replied before contacting her science team and Arzin to meet her down where the Oneida was docked.

As they left the bridge Azras tapped her commbadge, “Bridge to Commander Dilucca please send an engineering officer to accompany the science team on board the Oneida.” Azras ordered as she sat there in her chair.

“Aye sir,” Jheria replied.

After the lift came to a stop the doors opened and both Jeesa and Rass exited heading towards the docking bay that held the USS Oneida. “This is going to be exciting,” Rass replied with enthusiasm.

“Indeed,” Jeesa replied as she looked at the young Andorian Lieutenant. A few minutes had passed before they arrived to meet Damir, Azrin, and C’Riia waiting for them. “So looks like our little team has made it,” Jeesa replied with a smile as they all nodded almost in unison before they boarded the Onedia.

After arriving on the bridge Rass had begun his preflight checks to make sure things were in order and ready for departure. C’Riia had made sure all the modifications they had made were operational and online.

Jeesa sat in the command chair while Damir sat at the science station with Arzin at the secondary science station. “Sir, everything is online and we are ready for departure,” Rass replied looking back at Atur.

“Wonderful,” she replied as she tapped the console next to her chair. She had rerouted operations to her console before opening a channel to Captain Dex. “Sir we are ready for departure,” Jeesa said over the comm.

“Very well, you are cleared for departure Onedia,” Azras replied as she looked at Odan to release the docking clamps from the Aquarius-class escort. A short time later the Onedia departed from the Saratoga heading out towards the area where their sensors or what little they had was picking up something unusual.

Looking at her team, “so I had detected that an ion storm had recently passed through this area as well as a faint detection of where a subspace rift was.” Atur said as she looked at them, “what piqued my curiosity was the fact that there is no indication that a ship closed the rift from what I could gather, we are to gather more data to be able to determine if this is the storm that is heading towards Aarius VII. If it is we need to know how much time we might have before it arrives.” Jeesa finished while looking at the others.

“That does seem a bit odd that a subspace rift would open and close on its own, not that it wouldn’t be possible especially if it’s a rather small one unable to stay open for long,” Azrin replied from his station.

“That’s why I asked to investigate this more because with our limited sensor rage I need more data.” Jeesa replied as the others agreed, “this will give us a good idea of how long we have to evacuate the planet if this is the same storm,” she replied.

“Sir we have arrived at the coordinates,” Rass replied.

“Great,” Jeesa replied before turning her attention to the engineer. “C’Riia can you give us a little more power to the sensors?” Atur asked looking at the engineer.

“I can give you a little bit more, though I can’t do much more without taking away from other critical systems that we need at the moment,” C’Riia replied as she tapped a few buttons on her console. “There that should help get what you need,” she replied.

“Thank you,” Jeesa replied as they began their scans of the area around them little by little. This would take about twenty minutes to complete before they would head back to the ship to compile all the data collected.

“I think we got what we need, lets’s head back to the Saratoga,” Jeesa replied as Rass nodded tapping a few commands in his console and the Oneida turned around, heading back towards the ship.

Once they had docked with the Saratoga they felt the ship begin to move again towards Aarius VII. Once they exited the Oneida, Jeesa and her science team went towards the science labs to begin to compile the data they had collected for a report to the Captain.

“Commander Atur to Captain Dex,” Jeesa said as she tapped her commbadge.

“Go ahead Commander,” Dex replied.

“We got what we needed, I should have a complete report by the time we arrive at Aarius VII,” she said.

“Understood,” Dex said before the channel ended as they continued on their way as the science team began to study what they came across. She hoped that they would learn something that would assist them with their upcoming task.