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A wife’s love for her husband

USS Denver - Medbay, Kyo Quarters
May 5, 2374 19:45
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A soft tone of a monitor on a sickbed strummed out as it monitored the life signs of Commanded Cheon Kyo. Standing next to the bed was his wife Seong, worry registered in her eyes as she stood there looking at the sleeping form of her husband.

‘Come back to me my beloved,’ she said in her mind and in their native tongue.

Suddenly a hand was felt on her shoulder and she spun around to face a now startled nurse. With a lift of her hand so calmed the young woman, “Easy, Ensign,” she said as she realized what had happened, “you startled me as much as I startled you,” she informed the young nurse.

“Dr. Kyo I think you need some rest,” the nurse stated as she brought out a tricorder to confirm her suspicions of the Doctor’s condition. She then slowly moved over to Seong’s side and showed her the results.

A sigh left the doctor’s mouth as she turned and looked at her husband, “Let me know the moment he wakes up,” she ordered.

The nurse nodded her head as Seong left the medical bay heading for their quarters, which had been lucky enough to have survived the attack from the Dominions assault on the Denver. As she stood in the only operational lift her thoughts drifted back to their daughter, Jolie, and how mere hours ago she had been on board and laughing and playing with the other children.

As the door to the Kyo residency opened she peered into the darkness that now covered every inch of the space and she suddenly felt alone and fearful that she was about to become a widow.

“Commander Kyo,” came a very familiar voice.

Turning about, Seong came face to face with her head nurse who had a medical kit with her. She knew what was in the kit and nodded allowing the nurse to enter her home. “Mild sedative?” she asked the nurse.

The nurse nodded as she loaded the sedative into a hypospray, “Doctor’s orders,” the nurse stated, realizing that at the moment she was in command of the medical team.

Laying back on the bed that she shared nightly with her husband she placed a hand on the nurses when she felt the cool touch of the barrel. She looked up at her, “Make sure that nothing happens to my husband and come wake me the moment he wakes.”

The nurse replied with a nod and pulled the trigger on the hypospray, injecting the sedative into Seong’s neck. A drowsy feeling almost instantly took over Seong’s mind and her vision slowly blurred before her eyes slowly closed and darkness overtook her.

As she slept she was terrorized with dreams of a funeral that was soaked in rain. As she stood there she looked about and tried to see who was missing, rain flowing down her face soaking her uniform. She didn’t see her husband and fear was introduced into the dream. Fear that her husband was the one in the casket that stood suspended over the dark hole below it. As she was about to run to the casket she realized that the man that was speaking at the podium was her husband and that their XO was sporting a shiny new pip on her chest.

-medical bay-

Cheon slowly opened his eyes, his vision was blurry as he lay on the bed. Turning his head he looked around the room or at least tried to look around.

In a horse voice, he called out, “Hello.”

A nurse came into view and smiled before she could turn to execute the order that Seong had given her a hand was placed on her forearm. “How long was she awake?” he asked the nurse who was shocked at the movement.

Confusion registered on the young woman’s face as she looked at the commander, “ Commander Kyo, err, your wife had not left your side since the moment that you were emergency beamed to sickbay,” the nurse replied as she looked at the strong hand that was attached to her forearm, “We had to sedate her in your room when her condition became critical.”

“Did she order you to wake her?” He asked the nurse, who nodded in response.

“Don’t,” he replied as he looked at the young woman.

“Sir, with all due respect I must report to her that you are awake,” she stated as she looked at Cheon.

Cheon shook his head, “I am ordering you to let her sleep.” He knew his wife all too well to know that she had been awake for nearly 36 hours straight prior to the attack; packing their daughter’s personal effects for the shuttle ride back home.

After a few minutes, Cheon stood in front of a mirror. A butterfly bandage was over his right eye as he flattened his uniform. Against the outbursts from the nurse and several aids, Cheon had insisted that he was fine and had dressed into his uniform so that he could meet with the Captain.

Standing outside of the lift that would take him to the bridge he contemplated if this was indeed a good choice in the matter. Unbeknownst to him, his wife was in fact in the conference room.