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208 B

Starfleet Academy
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Starfleet Academy

There was much activity in the halls as students searched for their rooms and greeted each other. Vulcan flute music weaved its way through the hustle and bustle and noise in the full hallway. Yaran noticed it getting louder as he neared his destination.

::208B:: The door was open and a young Vulcan was sitting on a bottom bunk playing the flute.
Yaran poked his head into the dorm room. “Umm…Hi, I’m Yaran and I guess this is my room.” The young Vulcan stopped playing and cocked his head toward him and responded. “That would be an incorrect assumption.”

“Oh, how so?” Yaran asked bluntly. The Vulcan stood up and approached him. His voice had a sharpness to his monotone voice. “Simply, because you will reside here, does not make it your room. In fact, more appropriately, it is our room.”

“Ah, I see. There is some logic to that.” Yaran answered. “
The Vulcan gave a nod of his head, “Indeed, I am Torack.”

Yarn smiled broadly, “Thank you, I am..” Yarn began to introduce himself when he was interrupted “208B, this is it, wow!” Announced a very excited young girl. She was half the height of Torack and only a head shorter than Yaran.

“Oh, Hi, my name is Freya and this must be my room.” She beamed toward both young men.
The two looked at each other. “You tell her.” Yaran responded with a nudge to Torack’s elbow.

The three stood standing in the middle of the room talking. More accurately, Torack and Yaran listened while Freya spoke with great enthusiasm, including lots of arm-waving. She flitted from one bunk to the next like a hummingbird. “Look at these bunks.” She squealed. “I want a top bunk, because….” and her voice halted. She turned abruptly and advanced on Yaran.

She poked her face toward him and scrunched up her nose. “That’s not very nice or appropriate.” And she punctuated the statement by placing her hands on her hips.

T.J. Walked along the halls looking for his assigned room. It was like trying to move through waves crashing on the beach. People buzzed around, ‘This is what you get trying to find your room this late, next time be the first one here’ he thought to himself taking a deep breath. He found the room and saw the door was open, as he looked inside he saw a male Vulcan and Trill looking at a short woman who seemed to be very upset staring at the Trill.
T.J. straightened his tunic, cleared his throat, and stepped inside. “I take it this is room 208B and you would be my roommates?” He stated to no one in particular. With one smooth motion, he slid his bag off his shoulder and tossed it onto the bunk where Torack had been sitting.

“T.J. Rivers, nice to meet you all. Do you mind if I take a bottom bunk before we get caught up in the meet and greet?” He said with a grin before looking over the others in the room with more purposeful eyes.

Yaran liked this person at once, he reminded him of a previous host, Vendrak. Of course, this TJ was not as arrogant. He took his cue and slid his bag under the bunk on the opposite side.

Suddenly, Freya was standing there looking at Torack bewildered by the activity that had just taken place. She gasped and scurried to the top bunk of the port side, right above TJ.

Torack gave a nonchalant look around the room and continued the tune he had been playing upon his flute. Eventually, laughter filled the room as the newly pressed cadets continued to converse and become acquainted.

T.J. stretched his arm out as he sat on his bunk. “So what departments are you all in?” he asked, guessing in his head he was security tactical, Torack was probably science, Freya he guessed would be a counselor maybe it was because she was Betazoid but mainly because of her personality, leaving Yaren. His hands looked rougher, and he looked bright so probably astrometrics or engineering.

Yaran thought about it for a moment, “Well, I don’t know, my first host was a surgeon, but I think maybe engineering.” He paused, “Yes, I enjoy taking things apart and putting them back together.” He stated triumphantly, he was still getting used to the fact that he had four different lifetimes of memories.

“What led you all to starfleet, a greater call, looking for something different or just trying to get off your homeworld?” he asked again, trying to solve the puzzles that were his new roommates.

Torack stopped playing the flute and looked quizzically at Tj. “I find your interest in our motivations to be curious, nonetheless we are here.” While he stood still, a person may still get the feeling that he was pacing the room while he was not talking. “Change is essential, I see no relevance or logic to the specifics.”

Yaran laughed and looked at TJ. It was like the beginning of a chess match.

Freya rolled her eyes and hopped down from the top bunk. “Well, I don’t know about you boys, but I came to Stafleet to become an explorer and that is what I am going to go do.” With that, she sauntered out the door. Yaran looked at Torack and then at TJ to see their responses.

A moment later Freya poked her head back into the room. “Well, are you coming or not ?”

Tj grinned. “Torack change is essential but the motivations behind choices determine how committed someone is. My family has always been starfleet, but I joined for the experience and the chance to see the universe and to make a difference. It is my one goal”

He looked at Torack then at Freya. “Go ahead i think we have some things to finish up here” He said with a chuckle.

“Hey, wait for me!” Yaran called out  as he rolled off the bunk and ran after Freya.